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Are you planning an unforgettable event? We bring it live to you – whether conferences, concerts, product presentations or private celebrations. With our many years of experience and our professional team, we ensure a smooth live stream experience that will captivate your viewers.

From the technical implementation with multiple cameras to the moderation of the live chat – we take care of everything so that you can concentrate entirely on your event. And thanks to our advanced analytics tools, you’ll gain valuable insight into viewer engagement to continually optimize your live streams.

Trust Herostream for premium live streams that effectively spread your message and engage your audience. Contact us today to plan your next livestream event!


Live streams on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and more

And best of all, we bring your livestream event to the platforms that matter most to you! Whether you want to reach a wide range of viewers on YouTube, engage Twitch’s interactive community, leverage TikTok’s viral reach, or share your content with the world on Instagram and Facebook, we’re here to make sure your message gets there, where your audience is.

Our livestream experts understand the intricacies of each platform and tailor content accordingly to achieve maximum attention and engagement. From the dynamic chats and emotes on Twitch to the curated feeds and hashtags on Instagram, we leverage the unique features of each platform to bring your live streams to life.

With our expertise in using various platforms, we maximize the reach of your live streams and ensure that you reach your target group optimally. Whether you want to build a brand, launch a product, or simply organize an exciting community event, we’ll take your livestreams to the next level.

We stream your event everywhere

“Discover a new dimension for your events with our tailor-made livestream services. Whether conferences, concerts, product launches or special celebrations – we bring your event directly to your viewers, wherever they are. Our highly qualified teams take care of every detail , from planning to implementation, to ensure your livestream experience is seamless and engaging. By integrating multi-camera setups, interactive chat features and tailored graphics, we create an immersive atmosphere that will delight your viewers. Whether you want to expand your audience, increase your brand’s reach, or simply create an unforgettable experience – we’re here to help you take your event to the next level. Contact us today to find out more about our live stream services. Find out solutions and plan your next event!

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Your livestream agency, Germany, Europe, worldwide

As a leading livestream agency, we not only offer first-class services for the German market, but also worldwide. With our headquarters in Nuremberg, we are proud to offer our expertise and commitment to outstanding live streams anywhere in the world.

Our diverse team of experienced professionals is ready to turn your vision into reality, no matter where your event takes place. We have worked with clients from different countries and cultures and understand the specific requirements and expectations that may arise when conducting international live streams.

Whether it’s a local event to be streamed worldwide or a global event with an international audience – we are your trusted agency.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive livestream services and how we can help you broadcast your message around the world!

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